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The Value of an AWS Certificate

Companies were forced to accelerate their digital transformation efforts after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. This rapid adoption has caused disruption in industries and organisations around the world. These businesses have found it to be a success to innovate in a world that is facing unprecedented crises. AWS (Amazon Web Services), role-based certifications have seen a dramatic increase in demand.

Is AWS Certification worth it?

An AWS certification can increase your salary, or help you develop your skills and career. An AWS certification has many benefits. These are the most important:

52% of AWS professionals are happy with their current job opportunities

Global Knowledge found that IT professionals who have acquired new skills and certifications have seen an increase in their annual salaries of approximately US$12000-13000.

More than 80% of IT professionals claim that higher salaries are a direct result of their AWS cloud certification.


Today's enterprises are not limiting their cloud offerings to a single platform. AWS certifications are still highly valued by enterprises despite multi-cloud business strategies. Amazon Web Services, with over a million customers worldwide, is still a leader in cloud adoption at the enterprise level. RightScale's State of the Cloud Report of 2018 shows that 64% of global organizations and 68% of small- and medium-sized businesses use AWS applications. AWS is just beginning to be adopted by businesses, judging from indicators such as the steady financial performance, increased global adoption and the introduction of new cloud services.